People Insights

Case Studies

Outlined below are several Client Issues where People Insights, Inc. has successfully added value to organizations and resolved these issues to the client’s satisfaction. Two are written as case studies while the others are provided as additional examples of how People Insights, Inc. can effectively assist your organization.

Additional Client Issues

Client Issue People Insights, Inc. Role


The Board of Directors of the
organization required a comprehensive review of its
compensation and benefits programs.

  • Worked directly with the
  • Developed a
    compensation philosophy
  • Analyzed
    existing salaries and salary ranges utilizing
    competitive salary data
  • Instituted a
    job evaluation system to define internal equity
  • Developed
    variable compensation programs
  • Conducted a
    benefits review for the organization
  • Prepared a
    report of Findings and Recommendations for the Board of

Change Management

The client was in the process of moving head office from one
city to another and required Human Resource Management
assistance to address the people issues it faced.

  • Worked with the
    President and key management team members along with
    other consultants (management, outplacement, public
    relations, legal, etc.)
  • Developed and
    implemented a plan for moving the office.
  • Issues
  • Relocation
    of employees
  • Severance
  • Outplacement
  • Communication

Strategic Planning

The company was looking to
formalize the Strategy and Business Objectives for the
Management Team for the upcoming year and beyond.

  • Worked with the
    President, senior management, and Founders of the
  • Through a
    facilitated workshop, developed a Strategic Plan for the
    Elements of the plan included:

    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Strengths,
      Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis
    • Vision
    • Business
    • Critical success factors

Education and Development

The Management Team needed
education in the area of people management and goal setting
to address employee issues and move the organization

  • Developed a Manager
    Handbook and provided education and HR processes in the
    following areas:

    • People Philosophy
    • Recruitment,
      Selection, Hiring
    • New Employee
    • Role Descriptions
    • Performance Reviews
    • Compensation
    • Dealing with People
    • Termination of

Cultural Change

Working with the entire
organization, provided Senior Human Resources and Management
expertise to transform the culture to a performance driven

  • Working with the Senior
    Management Team, designed and implemented the following
    programs and processes:

    • Compensation
      philosophy and compensation review
    • Leading variable
      compensation program
    • Recruitment,
      Selection, Hiring process
    • Role Descriptions
    • Performance
      Management process based on goal setting in
      alignment with corporate objectives
    • Senior Management
      team evaluation process
    • Core Purpose
      statement development
    • Corporate Climate
    • Team Building
    • On-going Training
      and Development